Piñeiro Martin

Doctoral Candidate

Área of Signal Theory and Communications

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Short CV

Andrés Piñeiro Martín completed the Engineering in Telecommunication Technologies Degree with specialization in “Sound and Image” in 2016, and the Telecommunication Engineering Master Degree with specialization in “Radiocommunication” in 2018, both at the University of Vigo. In his master’s thesis, entitle “A Comparison of Different Language Modelling Techniques for Automatic Speech Recognition” and performed in the AtlanTTic Research Centre in collaboration with the GTM group, he researched the effect of apply deep neural networks in the language models for the Galician automatic speech recognizer.
In 2018 and 2019 he worked with the R+D team of Siemens (Madrid) on railway software development, and in 2020 and 2021 he worked as consultant in Minsait (Indra, Madrid) leading bot application projects in contact centres.
Currently, he is part of the Balidea R+D department and he is doing the industrial PhD in collaboration with the GTM group and financed by Xunta de Galicia. In his thesis, entitled “Advanced research in speech understanding algorithms”, he is researching about end-to-end spoken language understanding architectures in conversational voice assistances.