Procesado dixital de sinais

Digital signal processing is nowadays a feature of most everyday communications and entertainment devices. The aim of this course is to equip students with a mathematical grounding in general signal and systems analysis. In subsequent course subjects, this knowledge will be applied to specific applications of signals and systems, including audio, image, video and voice signals.

Objectives cover the following areas:
• Managing signals and systems mathematically and visually, including learning and applying their properties.
• Studying the different domains for signal and systems analysis: time domain, frequency domain and Z domain.
• Learning how to transfer a problem in one domain to a domain in which it is easier to solve.
• Mastering the concept of filter frequency response and learning to interpret the system function.
• Understanding the relationship between the poles and zeros of the system function and the frequency response.
• Acquiring basic notions of filter design in the Z domain.
• Managing specific digital signal processing software.
• Applying the above knowledge to simple and practical laboratory examples, including filtering, FFT, windowing and sampling of image and sound signals and touch-tone telephone systems.

Universidade de Vigo
Study programme: 
Grao en Enxeñaría de Tecnoloxías de Telecomunicación