Demonstration of the efficiency & environmental impact of wave energy converters (WEC) in high-energy coasts. Life DEMOWAVE

The main objective of the project LifeDemoWave is the demonstration of the feasibility of the use of wave power for electric generation in order to reduce greenhouse gases’ emissions. Thus, according to the regulation LIFE 2014-2020 Regulation (EC) No 1293/2013 the specific objective (d) stablished in article 14 would be reached. Thus, it will contribute to the development and demonstration that the use of other technologies such as wave power helps to mitigate the climate change with easily repeatable equipment. This project wants to raise awareness in society, proving that this is a via to reach clean energy, one of the biggest barriers nowadays. Additionally, this goal is in accordance with the policies stablished by the EU, which stablished guides for an European strategy for sustainable, competitive and safe energy through the Green Paper (8th of March of 2006). Furthermore, the Directive 2009/28/CE stablished that in 2020, 20% of the EU energy consumption has to come from renewable sources, although this value was only up to 14% in the EU. On the 20th January 2014 it was presented an action plan named «The blue energy», highlighting the support to wave power and tidal power as one of the priority areas in the EU to mitigate climate change, being wave power the solution proposed in LifeDemoWave. The final objective of this project is to help the implementation of these policies and support the adaptation of the applicable legislation in order to adopt these technologies, achieving what was stablished in section (a), article 14. For demonstration purposes, two prototypes of wave power generation, 25kW each, will be installed in the Galician coast, (Galicia stands out for having up to 75kW per each meter of wave front) that will be reproducible and scalable at high level. Another objective is to quantify the reduction of the carbon footprint and the emission of pollutants (NOx, NMVOC, SO2, NH3, PM25…). The aim is to reach the set values in the performance indicators, thus, allowing to adjust to the EU environmental polices such as Directive (2008/50/EC), (2001/81/EC), (94/63/EC), etc.  The LifeDemoWave project will consider as well in its design and implementation, the environmental impact in the installation areas and its effect on biodiversity, trying to minimize as much as possible any of these effects and to quantify them explicitly.
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European Commission's LIFE Programme
Universidade de Vigo, CETMAR, ACSM, JOSMAR, HCTech, Quantum Innovative
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LIFE 14 CCM/ES/001209
Total costs:1.836.788. EC founding: 1.034.119. Uvigo costs: 573.513€. EC founding for UVigo: 336.277€
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